Titre: Kyle Savage and Sage Daniels
What do you get when you add a Hot Inked Top Daddy to equal parts of a Hot Inked Bottom Son? You get raging hard-ons, eager holes, and dick throbbing action! Kyle Savage and Sage Daniels are splendid in this amazing display of hard fucking and deep pounding. Kyle can’t get enough of Sage’s talented hole and Sage is only too eager to open it wide for Daddy’s bare cock. Deep throating, Ass rimming, and Cum swapping are a few of the nasty treats you’ll see in this action packed bareback scene.
Ajouté: 2013-10-18
Titre: Champ Robinson and Blue Bailey
Wearing nothing more than a smile, a woody, and their BarebackThatHole.com T-shirts, Champ Robinson and Blue Bailey sizzle in this hot and sweaty fuck scene. It’s not long before they are fully naked when Blue’s cocksucking skills are put to test on Champ’s mammoth sized meat. Needless to say he passes with flying colors. Champ pays special attention to Blue’s hole as he eats and rims him in preparation for the deep pounding he’ll soon be feeling. Once in his hole Champ is at his aggressive best as he pummels Blue’s ass raw. Loads are spilled as his ass gets the full nut breeding it deserves.
Ajouté: 2013-10-11
Titre: Dick Disco and Drew Driver
The British are coming! The British are…no, wait. That’s not quite right. The British are CUMMING!!! Dick Disco and Drew Driver are no exception. These two horny UK fuckers share a common thread: they each love to work over a loose foreskin, eat ass, and pump raw hole. The Londoners fuck and fill each other in a bareback frenzy of hot sweaty sex, giving a whole new meaning to the British Pound!
Ajouté: 2013-10-04
Titre: Chad Brock and Preston Johnson
We join Chad Brock and Preston Johnson, make-out session already in progress. The tattooed blond bottom goes down on Chad, who now embraces his inner daddy. The bearded, pierced stud enjoys some deep throat before taking charge of Preston’s hole. Spitting, fingering, and rimming the tight, pink starburst, Chad then mounts and fucks the bareback bottom. But just as there are submissive bottoms, Chad ends up as a submissive top when Preston takes over and shows how big of an aggressive bottom he can be! Then again, if you know what you want, might as well go for it, right? And Preston does, shooting a load on his belly which the two then share before Chad delivers a load of his own, half of which spills onto Preston, the rest seeding the cum collecting dumpster.
Ajouté: 2013-09-27


Titre: Paul Stag, Chad Brock and Ben Venido
Paul and Chad are standing up passionately kissing and groping one another while Ben is on his hands and knees servicing their hard cocks. Ben works his magic as he works over Paul’s heavy foreskin as Chad comes down to join him. They share, suck, and swallow his fat uncut cock while licking his huge balls and tonguing his piss slit. Chad and Paul tag team Ben’s Latin manhole at full maximum. They stick their raw cocks into his hole riding him on his back, doggie style, and bent over. Sparks fly when, as Chad is drilling Ben, Paul slips his cock deep into Chad’s empty hole. They fuck in a sweaty bareback daisy chain as Ben is anchored to the fuck bench bent over. Paul and Chad continue to tag team his ass until they are close to shooting their nut. Chad sprays his jizz all over Ben’s raw crack... Nasty and piggy minded Paul can’t wait to taste the freshly shot load, squatting down in front of Ben’s sloppy hole he continues to stroke himself. Paul stands up with the scent of Ben’s fucked hole in the air he shoots his load all over his sloppy ass crack. Chad reciprocates and slides down to sample Paul’s cumload. They all kiss and swap their tasty treat as the scenes ends.
Titre: Antonio Biaggi and Dylan Hyde
Dylan’s face is nestled in Antonio’s crotch as he opens wide to service his massive 10 x 7 uncut tool. Almost snakelike, Dylan unhinges his mouth and put his oral talents on display. He snorts, tears, gags and marvels at the mammoth size of his uncut cock. Antonio buries his face into Dylan’s smooth ass crack. He rims and sucks his puckering hole getting it ready for the raw fucking he will be delivering. Antonio taunts his ass as he slowly inserts his monster cock head into his raw hole with nothing more than a little sweat and a little spit. Dylan opens wide as his butt gets ready to be impaled by his massive manmeat. Antonio slides his huge uncut shaft into Dylan’s bare hole. He pummels his ass in a variety of positions as his huge low hanging bull balls sway and slap against Dylan’s nut sack. Antonio pulls his ass to the edge of the bed, turns Dylan onto his side exposing his twitching hole and pile drives his huge cock home. Antonio blasts his nut all over Dylan’s butt hole while breeding his ass deep. He continues to fuck the load into him as Dylan strokes and sprays his cum all over himself. Antonio pulls out his cock as his load oozes out of Dylan’s gaping hole. He feeds his cock to Dylan as a reward for having such an eager and willing ass. Dylan is only too happy to oblige as the scene ends.
Titre: Nick Moretti and Matt Sizemore
Nick and Matt are passionately kissing as our cameras pan in. Matt slithers down to Nick’s crotch and vice versa as they both take turns sucking and swallowing one another. Nick spins Matt around and devours his firm puckered hole. Matt returns the favor and buries his face deep into Nick’s furry man butt. Nick wastes no time as he bends Matt over on all fours and pokes his hole with his long probing cock. He nails his ass bareback in a variety of positions, first straddling him from behind, and then mounting him while on his back. Matt spread his crack and begs Nick for more and more. Matt shoots his load all over Nick’s hard cock. Nick uses his cum as lube as he jerks off his load and shoots his cream all over Matt’s face and tongue. Exhausted, Sweaty, and covered in cum they each lie back and smile at what great sex they just enjoyed.
Titre: Antonio Biaggi and Butch Bloom
Butch Bloom has his face nestled in Antonio Biaggi’s crotch as he opens wide to service the hung latino’s massive 10 x 7 uncut cock. Butch snorts like a pig, tears up and gags as unlocks his jaw and swallows the entire length of the monster cock, balls deep. Antonio then buries his face in Butch’s furry ass, rimming and sucking the puckered hold as he gets it ready for the biggest bareback fuck Butch has ever had. Antonio teases Butch as he slowly inserts the massive meat into his raw hole with only sweat and spit. Butch quivers as he’s stretched wider than he’s ever been. Antonio slides his unbelievable tool into Butch, pummeling his ass in a variety of positions, his huge low hanging bull balls swaying and slapping against Butch’s own furry nuts. Antonio pulls Butch to the edge of the bed, spreads his legs wide and pile drives into his gaping hole until he blasts his nut all over the freshly fucked hole. He slips back in, fucking his load into Butch as the bottom sprays his own cum all over himself. Antonio pulls his sloppy cock out for a final clean up, feeding it to Butch, who devours it like a greedy, hungry pig.
Titre: Paul Stag and Matt Sizemore
Masculine Daddies Paul Stag and Matt Sizemore kiss one another while jerking off. Paul eagerly slides down to service Matt’s thick cut cock, paying strict attention to his piss slit as he coaxes out gobs of precum. Paul sucks the huge cock to the base while teasing Matt’s twitching hole with his fingers. The action steps into high gear when Paul starts to sniff and lick Matt’s firm bubble butt. Paul finger-fucks his ass with 1, then two fingers, in and out, over and over again. Matt’s hole goes from puckered to gaping in the blink of an eye. The action intensifies when Paul slides his huge uncut prick deep into Matt’s bareback hole. The talented hole swallows his cock without hesitation as Matt takes every inch of Paul’s British cock. The scene sizzles even more when Paul throws Matt on his back, legs over his shoulders. Paul grinds into Matt’s raw hole with deep thrusts while Matt strokes his own cock, edging ever so close. The scene reaches climax when Paul explodes, shooting his jizz all over Matt’s raw hole. Paul sticks his cock back into Matt and breeds him with the rest of his load. Paul pulls back out, exposing Matt’s dripping man hole. Paul fingers Matt’s sloppy ass as he shoots a massive wad of cum all over his chest and stomach. Paul collects the cum and feeds it to Matt as he licks his fingers then exchange a wet kiss.
Titre: Jake Norris and Ben Statham
Ben Statham is on his knees before Jake Norris, servicing his thick swollen cock. After Ben’s had a chance to worship the muscled daddy, his cock, and then his balls, Jake returns the favor, sucking Ben and playing with his loose foreskin. He exposes Ben’s fat head as he swallows his hard cock. Jake then turns him around, bends him over and buries his face deep into Ben’s ass crack. He rims the hole, teasing Ben’s sphincter with a good tongue fucking and deep probing fingers. Once Ben is ready, Jake slips his cock deep into his puckering man hole and fucks him bareback. Jake straddles Ben, power fucking him relentlessly and making him beg for more, to go harder and deeper. Jake throws Ben on his back, on the floor, and spreads his legs wide open. Shoving his big dick inside the bareback bottom, Jake fucks rough and hard, shooting his load all over the muscled ass. Jake continues to breed Ben’s hole, his cock back into the sloppy ass crack and Ben shoots his white gooey nut all over his chest and stomach. Jake plays with his cum, tasting and sampling before sharing a sloppy wet kiss, their bodies drenched in sweat as they embrace.
Bareback that Hole présente des hommes chauds qui préconise le sexe primaire, sans condom que ce soit pour remplir un trou en manque de sexe, s'échanger par voie oral un énorme jet de sperme, ou encore lécher un trou fraîchement baisé et rempli.
Nous présentons des types cochons qui aiment le sexe sans condom et nous en faisons des partenaires sexuels échangistes. Certains de nos types sont des étoiles du porno gai comme Dominik Rider, Sage Daniels, Jake Wetmore, etc., d'autres sont des hommes chauds membre de ce site, alors que d'autres sont des barebackers qui veulent juste leur chance d'avoir du vrai sexe cru, sans artifice et condom.
Nous sommes plus qu'enchanté de vous apporter certaines des scènes les plus excitantes et cochonnes qui soient sur le Web. Le sexe est vrai et authentique, filmé avec la passion et l'intensité que seul le sexe sans condom peut fournir. Aucun mensonge et scénario ennuyant. Aucune action truquée. Juste des mecs qui aiment l'action d'homme à homme, peau contre peau.


Titre: Antonio Biaggi and Dylan Hyde
Titre: Antonio Biaggi and Butch Bloom
Titre: Nick Moretti and Matt Sizemore
Titre: Sam Crockett and Matt Sizemore
Titre: Ray Dalton and Mason Garet
Titre: Antonio Biaggi and Luca Bondi

Date de parution :October 25th, 2013

Randy Harden and Mason Garet live for bareback sex and, in this steamy raw fuck, they have a fantastic sexual chemistry. Mason's holes were made for big daddy dick and he handles Randy with the skill of a true cock and cum collecting whore!
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