Jake Norris and Ben Statham

Ben Statham is on his knees before Jake Norris, servicing his thick swollen cock. After Ben’s had a chance to worship the muscled daddy, his cock, and then his balls, Jake returns the favor, sucking Ben and playing with his loose foreskin. He exposes Ben’s fat head as he swallows his hard cock. Jake then turns him around, bends him over and buries his face deep into Ben’s ass crack. He rims the hole, teasing Ben’s sphincter with a good tongue fucking and deep probing fingers. Once Ben is ready, Jake slips his cock deep into his puckering man hole and fucks him bareback. Jake straddles Ben, power fucking him relentlessly and making him beg for more, to go harder and deeper. Jake throws Ben on his back, on the floor, and spreads his legs wide open. Shoving his big dick inside the bareback bottom, Jake fucks rough and hard, shooting his load all over the muscled ass. Jake continues to breed Ben’s hole, his cock back into the sloppy ass crack and Ben shoots his white gooey nut all over his chest and stomach. Jake plays with his cum, tasting and sampling before sharing a sloppy wet kiss, their bodies drenched in sweat as they embrace.
Fecha: 2012-08-31

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