Paul Stag and Matt Sizemore

Masculine Daddies Paul Stag and Matt Sizemore kiss one another while jerking off. Paul eagerly slides down to service Matt’s thick cut cock, paying strict attention to his piss slit as he coaxes out gobs of precum. Paul sucks the huge cock to the base while teasing Matt’s twitching hole with his fingers. The action steps into high gear when Paul starts to sniff and lick Matt’s firm bubble butt. Paul finger-fucks his ass with 1, then two fingers, in and out, over and over again. Matt’s hole goes from puckered to gaping in the blink of an eye. The action intensifies when Paul slides his huge uncut prick deep into Matt’s bareback hole. The talented hole swallows his cock without hesitation as Matt takes every inch of Paul’s British cock. The scene sizzles even more when Paul throws Matt on his back, legs over his shoulders. Paul grinds into Matt’s raw hole with deep thrusts while Matt strokes his own cock, edging ever so close. The scene reaches climax when Paul explodes, shooting his jizz all over Matt’s raw hole. Paul sticks his cock back into Matt and breeds him with the rest of his load. Paul pulls back out, exposing Matt’s dripping man hole. Paul fingers Matt’s sloppy ass as he shoots a massive wad of cum all over his chest and stomach. Paul collects the cum and feeds it to Matt as he licks his fingers then exchange a wet kiss.
Fecha: 2012-05-18

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