Nick Moretti and Matt Sizemore

Nick and Matt are passionately kissing as our cameras pan in. Matt slithers down to Nick’s crotch and vice versa as they both take turns sucking and swallowing one another. Nick spins Matt around and devours his firm puckered hole. Matt returns the favor and buries his face deep into Nick’s furry man butt. Nick wastes no time as he bends Matt over on all fours and pokes his hole with his long probing cock. He nails his ass bareback in a variety of positions, first straddling him from behind, and then mounting him while on his back. Matt spread his crack and begs Nick for more and more. Matt shoots his load all over Nick’s hard cock. Nick uses his cum as lube as he jerks off his load and shoots his cream all over Matt’s face and tongue. Exhausted, Sweaty, and covered in cum they each lie back and smile at what great sex they just enjoyed.
Added: 2012-09-07

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